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Love is a Wonder

Love is a Wonder

Prevention of Human Trafficking is a big and broad topic and can be overwhelming. When you start learning about it suddenly you become overwhelmed, the statistics, the people you meet, the risks seem staggering, the danger, the trauma, the types of human trafficking, it goes on and on.

Here is the thing, sometimes we can learn in simple ways if we don’t get overwhelmed and try not let the enormity of the issue drown us. This is a demand is that is based in people and is driven by people. Therefore, if we focus on people, loving well, doing relationships well then, the enormity of it all doesn’t need to get to the point where it drowns us. We all need to feel love and loved by others however sometimes this need gets manipulated and used in a way that a vulnerable person never anticipated.


There are a few lessons we can learn for the recent movie, WONDER.

Each one of needs a few good friends that are on our side, even if it seems the rest of the world is against us.Sometimes we feel like giving up. (Can I get an Amen?) We all need that friend or 5 who won’t give up on us. The friend who stays in our corner and is loving you even when you are mad at the world and them. We all need to know we have people who care and love us fiercely.Each of us need a community that notices all of the successes we have, even when we can’t see them. They are there to celebrate the wins and tell us that we, the most unlikely of all, have won for today.

We all need to be loved and be in relationship and if one doesn’t have that we are more vulnerable to a trafficker, no matter the modality of trafficking. There are lot more warning signs you can and should learn – but a good starting place is to love people and be in relationship with them, we all need that, regardless of culture, race, socioeconomic status, gender, or location. For today, love people well, especially those who don’t have many friends this will go a long way in a lot of justice issues.

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