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Today, Christine currently serves as the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator with the Avery Center, building connections and providing training throughout the country. Christine developed the fact sheet with the TIP office pertaining to familial trafficking and the needs of survivors. Formally, Christine worked as a survivor advocate in the Emergency Department. Christine is an important part of the trauma team responding to patients and providing emergency services. Christine has been a critical part of equipping and educating medical staff. Through this work, many survivors of human trafficking have been identified and provided the assistance that they needed to begin the recovery process. 



Christine has graduated with a Masters of Intercultural Studies (MAICS) with Children at Risk from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Additionally, she completed the Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI) and holds Bachelors's in Education from Ashland University in Ohio. She is also trained in the Ending the Game Curriculum  (Sowers Education Group). Christine is passionate about prevention, advocacy, and awareness of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.  She believes that no matter what has been done to a person or what they have experienced, everyone can receive healing and restoration. 



Christine is a survivor of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children(CSEC).  Christine was commercially sexually exploited by a family member. Familial trafficking is among the common forms of exploitation in the United States. As a child, Christine lived at home, went to school, and lived as a child who was commercially sexually exploited. There were no “normal childhood experiences”. She was not seen or heard in her community. “No one was ever there to protect me or saw what was going on.  If we educate the community and know how to respond, we are better able to protect the most vulnerable among us”.  Christine is a presenter and trainer that will engage your heart and mind. 





All people have intrinsic worth and value. Each person has gifts, talents, and abilities and should be able to be loved and valued within their community free from exploitation.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Seen. Valued. Known.

Empowerment, Training, Community Development


Our Vision

Providing training and education on human trafficking.  In particular, training on familial trafficking, healthcare and human trafficking, and trauma-informed care. Additionally, providing a space for survivors of familial trafficking to find connection, belonging, and services. 

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