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Some Kids Never Had A Chance

Human Trafficking comes in more than one typology.

Many people who think of human trafficking think of a female being trafficked by an older male. They often don't think of traffickers being the same gender or that those victimized can be different genders or have disabilities. Additionally, we often think that human trafficking is mainly sex trafficking and miss addressing labor trafficking.

Within all of these typologies is familial trafficking. It is often not discussed at all.

You might ask, this doesn't happen where I live.

The reality is that 40% of minor trafficking cases are familial trafficking cases (TIP 2021)

The family member that is trafficking the minor can be any family member or caregiver including foster parents. Familial trafficking often starts early in life with many survivors reporting their exploitation beginning under 10 years old with the majority reporting exploitation beginning around age 5. These children are often attending school, church, and/or participate in sports.

One of the things that community members can do is to stay in relationship with their neighbors. Be aware when something seems off and talk to the child without the parent present. Be knowledgeable about what they can do and how they can respond.

More to come in the next article.

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