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The Trafficking In Persons Report Addresses Familial Trafficking

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I was contracted by the TIP office to author this important and critical report. Familial trafficking cases have gone underreported for decades. Many survivors don't talk about it due to shame and or retribution. However, at least, 31-33% of the CSEC (Minor sex trafficking cases) are familial trafficking cases and this is only the cases that have been reported. Some survivors, live for many years being trafficked by a family member that should have protected and loved them; others go on to be trafficked by another trafficker. In both situations the survivor was too young and had too many vulnerabilities to know how to access assistance while the trafficking was occurring.

It is critical that those working with minor children understand familial trafficking, trauma in young children, how to intervene and work with children that have been victimized. If those within my and other survivors circle of influence had been equipped the adults could have intervened and stopped the exploitation much earlier.

Let's create a world safe for all children and adults and a world in which those who have been victimized can heal and be restored.

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